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Haddington - The hidden toun

    World-renowned economist Michael Schuman cites supporting local business as a key factor in ensuring a vibrant and thriving town. Schuman, a leading expert in community economic development, states that this allows “control from distant corporate boardrooms to move back into the community where it belongs”.

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  • Haddington Community Development Trust – AGM 28th January 2019

    The Annual General Meeting of the Haddington Community Development Trust will take place on Monday 28 January 2019 at 7.00 pm, in the Town House, Haddington. All members and supporters of the Trust are welcome to attend. Doors will open at 6.30 pm to allow you to join or renew your membership or you click here to join […]

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  • Harnessing The Positives, Realising Our Potential

    Long-time town centre sports shop owner Joe Forte reflects on Haddington town centre’s challenges The Forte name has been on Haddington High Street since 1963, when Joe Forte’s Italian father opened a café. Four months after that closed in 1985, Joe opened his sports shop. Here he reflects on his journey and the challenges ahead […]

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  • Lammermuir Tours

    Lammermuir Tours is a guided hillwalking service launched recently by Haddington-based David Gray, who says this vast rolling massif on the southern edge of East Lothian is a fantastic asset which can benefit everybody. “Located just a short drive from Haddington, these hills have an almost Highland ambience,” explained David. “They’re ideal for local people […]

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  • Making Haddington less “hidden”

    A good team is a group of people who have a common goal and a way of working together that they all understand. Members of a good  team hold themselves accountable for delivering what they promise. In the best teams I have worked in you can see and feel that happening: people openly supporting each […]

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  • Thank you for the music … Haddstock

    by Beki Dover Haddstock was a one-day music festival that took place on Saturday 24th June 2017. Around 1500 people filled Haddington’s cafés, bars and halls to listen to live music performed by local bands and musicians. The public donated generously by putting money into the musician’s red top hats. It occurred to me at […]

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  • The importance of Area Partnerships for communities like Haddington

    We are delighted to share an article from guest writer and recently re-elected Chair of the Haddington & Lammermuir Area Partnership (HALAP), Craig McLachlan, who explains why Area Partnerships are key to ensuring that communities like Haddington continue to thrive, by allowing people to get involved with decision-making at a local level. Read on to […]

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