• 1801

    Birth of Jane Welsh, who was to become one of the great letter writers of her age. She married essayist Thomas Carlyle in 1826.

  • 1817

    Waterloo Bridge by the Poldrate Mill is built and is named after the battle of Waterloo (the foundation stone having been laid on the anniversary of the battle).

  • 1818

    Birth of Samuel Smiles, government reformer and author, best remembered for his work, Self-Help (1859).

  • 1831

    Additions made to the Town House – three cells, a spacious town hall, and a 150-feet spire from designs by Gillespie Graham.

  • 1846

    Opening of Haddington railway station.

  • 1854

    Building of the Corn Exchange.

  • 1862

    St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church is built in Poldrate.

  • 1880

    Completion of the Knox Memorial Institute to house the grammar school of Haddington (later Knox Academy).

  • 1898

    Birth of William Gillies, renowned artist and principal of Edinburgh College of Art.

  • 1898

    The twin steel arched Victoria Bridge was commissioned from civil engineers Belfrage & Carfrae, Edinburgh.

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